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Offense Reporting Guidance

I. Acceptance Scope of Offense Reporting Letters and Visits:

1. Offense reportingon CPC Organization's and Party member's violation of the Party Constitution, the line, principles, policies, and resolutions of the Party, degradation of the Party conduct, failure of the group's managed objects to perform their duties in accordance with the law or be honest in politics or work, and alleged corruption and bribery;

2. Appeals, to be accepted by the group's Commission for Discipline Inspection according to laws and disciplines, on violations against the Party discipline or other treatment by CPC Organization, Party members and the group's managed objects;

3. Criticism, opinions, suggestions, and others on comprehensively and strictly administration of the party, building of a clean and honest government, and fighting against corruption;

4. Offense reportingof inaction and problems of "laziness, undiscipline and procrastination".

II. According to the relevant provisions of the Regulations of Complaints and Appeals of Discipline Inspection Department of the Communist Party of China,prosecutors and complainants must be responsible for the authenticity of the facts reported and complained in the activities of reporting and appealing. When being investigated or inquired, they shall truthfully provide information and evidence.If theyframe a case or give false evidence against others, they shall bear disciplinary and legal responsibilities.

III. Real-name offense reporting is advocated (please fill in your real name, ID number, contact information, and other information).

IV. Offense reporting telephone number and contact address:

Offense reporting telephone number of National Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department: 12388

CDHT Investment's offense reporting telephone number: 028-85335784

CDHT Investment's offense reporting Email:

Contact address and postal code: Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department, 2nd Floor, Chengdu High-Tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., No. 55 Shengxing Street, Shiyang Subdistrict, Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Sichuan Province (postal code: 610041)

Address:55 Shengxing street, Shiyang street, Chengdu hi tech Zone, Sichuan Province
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