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Chengdu High-Tech Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") is a wholly state-owned company established upon approval by the Management Committee of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Party Working Committee in September 1996. Adhering to the mission of "developing high technology and realizing industrialization", the Group has grown into a comprehensive governmental investment and financing platform company integrating urban development, urban operation and industrial investment for more than 20 years' expansion and development. By the end of 2019, the Group had registered capital of RMB 20.7 billion, total assets of RMB 101.8 billion, and net profit of RMB 563 million, and had been granted the highest credit rating for domestic entities, i.e., 3A rating, and international Baa3 (investment level) credit rating by Moody's. For now, the Group has 12 wholly-owned subsidiaries, and has controlled over a listed company and participated in and controlled over 20 enterprises, with nearly 1,000 employees. Since its establishment, the CDHT Investment has always been keeping close pace with the development strategy of the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. 

Total assets
RMB 101. 8 billion
Registered capital
RMB 20.7 billion
Holding company
over 20
By the end of 2020

It has developed strong during the support of the strategy for urban development and energy level promotion of the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. It has fully built the infrastructure, public facilities and livelihood projects, including over 500 km municipal roads, over 100 middle and primary schools and kindergartens, almost 10,000,000 m2 temporary dwelling and supporting facilities. Also, it has built the major projects such as Chengdu Hi-Tech Incubation Park, Tianfu Software Park and CCEC, helped the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone build the city-industry integrated international new area. It has 4,730,000 m2 property area represented by Tianfu Software Park and Tianfu Life Science Park. In the parks, there are over 1,000 enterprises, including 34 Global 500 enterprises. With enterprise innovation and development supported by the all-around professional service system, a batch of domestic and international famous enterprises have been incubated, such as GIMI Technology, Pioneer Pharmaceutical, Medlinker and Codoon. There are over 80,000 employees in the parks. With respect to the three leading industries such as electronic information, biomedicine and new economy, the Group has focused on major industrial project investment platform, venture capital investment, financing assurance and scientific & technical loans, built the investment & financing service system for the full life cycle of "stock rights + creditor's rights", participated in investment in such major industrial projects as BOE and Haiguang, and strategically bought shares from Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank, with the investment balance of over RMB 10 billion. Under the strong leadership of the Management Committee of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Party Working Committee, the Group prepared a new round of strategic development plan at the new starting point. CDHT Investment's mission is to "implement the regional strategy, guide the industrial development, promote city-industry integration and lever the regional economy". Its vision is to build the domestic first-class "100-Billion City-Industry Integration Operator", in order to build three business supports (such as urban development, urban operation and industrial investment), promote the integration of urban development and operation of "investment, construction, management and operation" and industrial investment of "fundraising, investment, management and withdrawal", and realize the coordinated development of three business chains. It is planned to realize the total assets of RMB 120 billion, net assets of RMB 36 billion, operating revenue of RMB 15 billion and total profit of RMB 2 billion up to 2022. 

In the next three years, it will focus on Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park and Future Science and Technology City during the urban development, and adhere to the logic of "industry-city-human" integration, assist Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in being built into the park city concentrated load and exhibition area with "human, city, environment and industry" in harmony and union. It will speed up the construction of no less than 2,200,000 m2 of the benchmarking and demonstrative high-quality scientific and technological innovation space (including Gazelle Valley Industrial Park and IC industrial park), over 3,000,000 m2 of talent apartment, and 4,000,000 m2 commercial real estate (including Tiexiang Temple Riverfront Phase II, TOD Project). In the meantime, it will ensure the construction of project no less than RMB 10 billion invested by the government every year. For the urban operation, it will accelerate the construction of such major open platforms as CCEC and Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park, actively support the major scientific and technological innovation platforms and national labs to settle down in the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, continuously make the brands of "Tianfu Software Park" and "Tianfu Life Science Park" stronger and more excellent, and advance the investment attraction and operation of AI Innovation Center and Life Science Park Phase II, in order to rapidly realize industrial cluster. Moreover, it will accelerate the construction and consumption, guide the demonstrative pilot area , and build the urban boutique projects (such as Business Street, Jiaozi Avenue), so as to provide the high-quality living services with the supporting facilities. According to the estimate, 1,500,000 m2 of new assets operation area will be increased, totaling 6,000,000 m2. For industrial investment, it will center on key competitive high-tech industries such as electronic information, biomedicine and new economy, strengthen the industrial "external introduction" and "internal training", support the implementation of major industrialization projects, and boost the industrial level of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. It will try to carry out market-oriented transformation, expand the proportion of active investment, build an independent investment system and fund investment system, and get through the capital value chain of "fundraising-investment-management-withdrawal". It is estimated that, by 2022, the investment balance will reach RMB 28 billion, which will strongly support the construction and high-quality development of the industrial ecosystem of the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, and strive to achieve RMB 3.5 billion of investment income within three years. 

Address:55 Shengxing street, Shiyang street, Chengdu hi tech Zone, Sichuan Province
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